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The Full Story

SourceOwls was started by HireResources an on-line recruiting platform. We noticed a lot of very strong recruiters were not interested in becoming a full time independent recruiter because they needed benefits and a base salary. These impressive recruiters did have spare time to recruit on projects, but lacked a platform to support their desires. This is where SourcesOwls began. We have created a simple process for the Night Owl Recruiter, we call them SourceOwls, to do their magic in off hours. 


Our process is easy. It's free to become a Member, and the commissions are robust too! The average fee for a successful placement is from $3,000-$6,000. Imagine earning a nice side income in your spare time doing what you love! That is exactly what SourcesOwls delivers. We hit the target when it comes to building a nice side hustle. 


Our team is friendly and on your side. You will find our Account Managers willing to assist you at every step of the process. In fact, if the role doesn't get filled they don't get paid either. This in turn makes them very motivated to answer your questions and give you very timely feedback on your candidate submissions. 

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