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What is the expected salary you will pay for this role?


What is the amount you will pay SourceOwls for a hired candidate?


To receive the best results we recommend keeping the fee within 15-20% + of the candidates base salary. You can edit the amount up but not down at anytime.

Jumpy candidate screener

Cost: $149

By activating this filter, the candidates will be filtered for tenure. Our algorithm will determine if the candidate has generally held a job for 3 or more years within the past five -ten years. 

Keyword filter

Cost: $99

By activating this filter, if the candidate does not have your listed keywords it will automatically be declined. Be careful as this filter can decline candidate if the keywords you enter DO NOT show up on either the resume or the candidates write-up from the sourcing owls. 

Add up to 4 Keywords

Urgent Fill Alert

By selecting the Urgent Hire designation this posting will be broadcasted to the SourceOwls as an urgent position to fill. Also, the posting will display the Urgent Hire logo. Typically your posting will get a 50-75% boost in activity. 

Cost: $199

Urgent Fill Alert02.png

By adding a job to the SourceOwls platform you agree to make a payment to us for a successful placement within 30 days of closing out a job, no later than the candidates starting date. This means if your Company hires a candidate that was referred through this site you will pay the fee inputed above. This fee is shared to our SourceOwls (Recruiters) and can't be modified downward, you can up the reward at anytime to make the reward more attractive to our SourceOwls. Our candidate guarantee is 45 days from the candidates starting date. You will receive an email from us to confirm the candidate is still employed at the company. Once you select yes, we will issue you an invoice and our fee is due net 30 days from this date. No refunds or credits will be issued once you confirmed the cadidate has hit the 45 day period. 

Tell us about the role you are looking to fill:

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Where is the role located? 

Is Relocation offered for the role? 

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Please add the job description here. Be as descriptive as possible. The more detail you add the better and less questions will receive from the SourcOwl's.


By adding a new role to SourceOwls you certify that you will not solicit any of our SourceOwls (Recruiters) or accept any correspondents from them outside the SourceOwls system. If someone does contact you please advise us. Also, you agree with our terms of use. 

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