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Affiliate Resource Center
36 month client ownership 
Simple and easy way to earn
Affiliate Resource Center: 

The Program:

  • As a SourceOwls Affiliate, you can refer potential businesses to the Sourceowls platform.

  • In return, each referral is linked to you for one year “Referral Period." If someone clicks on your unique affiliate link, our system tracks them for one year (unless they delete their cookies at some point).

  • If at any point that referral joins the SourceOwls platform, posts a job (or multiple jobs), and we complete a placement, you will receive 5% of the total placement fee.

  • During the Referral Period, you will be paid commissions on every placement made through the SourceOwls platform at your referral company.


What is SourceOwls?

SourceOwls is an online platform that brings together thousands of experienced executive recruiters with hiring managers to fill pressing human capital needs quickly and efficiently.

Some of the benefits client companies realize include:

  • They have access to thousands of specialized recruiters all in one place

  • They name their price per hire and thus can realize significant savings for their recruiting budget.

  • No more need to engage multiple recruiting agencies.

  • They choose whom to engage and, as such, can easily build specialized recruiting teams quickly.

  • Every client has a SourceOwls account manager trained to help manage the process from start to finish. So using the platform is as easy as letting us know the jobs they want to be filled and what they are willing to pay upon a successful placement. We can handle the rest.

  • There is no charge to sign up and start posting jobs.



Who is a Prospect?

  • In essence, any company that has hiring needs. 

  • It could be a hiring manager, HR professional, or Talent Acquisition.


How do I refer people to the SourceOwls platform?

  • Make sure to include your unique affiliate link in all marketing efforts.

  • Log in to your Affiliate Portal, and you will find your link and various banners and marketing materials to use.


Where and How Should I Market?

  • Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups whose members are your target audience. 

  • Some examples include HR Professionals groups, Talent Acquisition groups, industry-specific groups, and professional networks.

  • If you have a network that includes people working at corporations, consider reaching out to them and networking (See sample messaging section).

  • Add some messaging to your website or newsletter (if you have one), including sales messaging and your affiliate link.

  • Ask people in your network if their company is hiring and if they could refer you to the head of talent acquisition or HR. Then send them your message.


Sample Messaging:


Social Media Posts: Along with one of our marketing banners, consider adding something like the below: (Always to include your unique affiliate link).


Urgent hiring needs? Check out SourceOwls (include your affiliate link). 

Their thousands of niche recruiters can fill your roles quickly. 

Plus their name your price per hire model will save you significantly on your recruiting budget. 



Email messaging:



I thought you might find this helpful.

I recently found SourceOwls and did some research.


If your company is hiring, you might want to consider checking out SourceOwls (this is where you embed your affiliate link)

They have thousands of professional niche recruiters across the U.S. and are great at filling challenging hiring needs quickly and efficiently.

Also, they have a name for your price per hire so that you can save a ton on your recruitment budget.


It’s free to use the SourceOwls platform and post jobs.


Click Here (Add your custom link the Click here in the message) and request a 5-minute demo. Someone will quickly answer all your questions and get you started.


Feel free to forward this email to anyone at your company who could help with their hiring needs.





Facebook Affiliate Group:

  • Be sure to join our Facebook Affiliate Group.

  • We will be adding training videos and materials here regularly. Also, it is a great place to get new ideas for how to drive traffic to SourceOwls.

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