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Page Title: Candidate Review page (Account Manager & Client)

Confident Businesswoman

Candidate Submitted by: Joann Anyone 

Notes on the candidate from the SourceOwl: 

Charles Leu is an Optical Professional with extensive experience in optical coating design and production.

• 15+ years’ optical experience

• PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota

• Extensive experience leading process improvement and quality initiatives • Excellent leadership skills

• Hands-on approach

• Program management experience

• Awarded more than 90 US patents

• Excellent communication and presentation skills

• Proficient in Optilayer

• Advanced level proficiency in Excel



Custom questions entered by Client: 

Salary Expectation: 

Willing to relocate: 



Type of job seeking: Temp / Contract / Permanent 

Does the candidate have 10 to 15 years of Electrical Engineering experience working with electrical and electronic devices in the medical industry.


Experience and knowledge of robotics systems and motor controllers.


Responsible for mechanical designs in an R&D product development environment to develop our robotic guided imaging products.


Please explain the candidates experience in working with  robotic guided imaging products.

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Candidate has over ten years working in the robotics space and guided imaging products etc...

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Name: Joe Anyone 

Address: 55 Anywhere Drive 

Phone: (203) 222-2222

Phone 2: (203) 222-2222

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Candidate too Jumpy and no relevant work experience. 

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Candidate too Jumpy and no relevant work experience. 

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