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  • New SourceOwls System Overview Video
    SourceOwls Overview Video: Watch these short videos and get a good general understanding of how to use SourceOwls quickly. Hope you you enjoy them. Also, make sure you like the video, we will be posting many more in the future. Welcome to SourceOwls, we recommend watching this video before working in the platform. It will give you a good understanding of all the Click this link to watch Welcome Video Training Session by Dean Heinrich 2/23/2023 (Long video, complete platform overview) Dashboard Basics Submitting Your candidate (Part 1 of 4) Some simple steps on how to submit your candidates in SourceOwls. Submitting Candidates - Protect Yourself Doing a great candidate writ-up & answering the custom questions
  • Training Video Archive
    9/19/2023 General Platform Overview by Dean Garamella (Click to watch) 10/30/2023 - Weekly Training - Platform Overview, SignalHire, and Handing Candidates Weekly Training General Overview SourceOwl Training SourceOwls Platform Overview with the Dean's
  • Subscriptions value explained
    Recruit for jobs for free You have access to only the positions open to new engagements requests from our recruiter community. To work on a position, you will first need to ask to be engaged in the role. This approval lets you communicate with the job poster and submit your candidates. Application approval required We require an application to gain access to our platform. Our clients require each recruiter to have at least five recent years in a 100% recruitment role. We verify this experience using your LinkedIn profile. You must meet this qualification to ensure your application is allowed. Submission ratio payout SourceOwls has three submission-level payouts. Depending on your candidate submission approval ratios. The more candidates you submit that are approved by the jobs posters, the higher your earned payout. All our payouts are a flat fee for a successful placement and the candidate meeting the job's guarantee periods. Your payout varies based on the job level. Click here to get more information on our submission ratios. Live chat platform support We offer live chat support for questions about the platform or anything that may arise with a job poster on the platform. All job-related communication is handled directly by the job posters. Unlimited candidate submissions You are allowed to submit unlimited candidates to engaged positions on the platform. Remember, the platform ranks the quality of those candidate submissions, so be sure to submit quality and build a solid reputation. Communicate directly The platform allows for direct communication with job posters. Ask your questions right in the platform. Communicate with job posters freely. SignalHire credits per month You receive a monthly allowance for SignalHire credits based on your subscription level. Review the SignalHire explanation for additional details. Instant Submit An Instant Submit is submitting your candidate to a position without asking for engagement first. The Instant submits function is only available to our paid subscribers. See Instant Submits for more detail. Recommended recruiters list You are added to our recommended recruiters list and will receive additional push engagement requests from job posters. These engagements are consistent with your total engagement count.
  • Communicating with job posters / Messaging
    Communicating with job posters and asking questions. Important: You will need to first ask for an engagement, and the engagement must be approved to to unlock communications. 1) Navigate to your Active Engagements tab 2) Click on the envelope 3) You will be taken to your inbox, where you can send the job poster a message. Please do not overload the job posters with too many questions. They will be responsive but keep things simple and only ask a few questions as they are busy and less likely to answer you.
  • Accepting Job Engagements (Sent to you)
    When you receive a notification from a SourceOwls job poster inviting your engagement on their job(s), follow these simple steps: 1. Access your dashboard and click on "New Engagement Request." 2. You'll see the job title - click on it to view the job details. 3. Choose to either "Accept" or "Decline" the engagement request. Please be aware that engagement requests remain accessible in this section for a period of 14 days. After this time, they will expire, so it's important to take action promptly. Additionally, any engagement requests sent to you will not count towards your engagement limits. We encourage you to make the most of these opportunities.
  • Types of SourceOwls Recruiters and Payout
    Types of SourceOwls and Payout SourceOwls rewards you when you submit great candidates. Everyone starts as an Elf Owl for the first five candidate submissions. Once you reach the sixth submission, we begin to rate your candidate submissions. When you hit a 50% or greater submission ratio, you will be rewarded. If your submission ratio should go down, your payouts will also be adjusted downward. See below for Owl ratio levels. Your payout amounts are AUTOMATICALLY adjusted in accordance with your Owls status. The payout displayed when you submit your candidate is the amount you receive. This amount will never go down, but in certain situations could go up. Your submitted candidate amount will increase if the Job Poster promotes the Job. We find that if your candidates are somewhat of a match for the position, the Job Posters will approve the candidate submission. We rank you on this first approval/decline. If your candidate is then rejected, this does not affect your Owl ranking. In addition, once a client declines a candidate, that candidate is then permanently deleted from their account, and they can't view the candidate again. True Owl A SourceOwls Recruiter with a 50% or higher candidate acceptance ratio. This is our Elite team. You become a True Owl, simply by submitting great candidates. True Owls also have higher acceptance rates and receive the maximum payout. Elf Owl A SourceOwls recruiter that has between a 30-49% submission to approval ratio. This is your starting point when you sign-up and for your first 5 candidate submissions. On the sixth submission, our algorithm will begin to calculate your candidate approval ratios. Your payouts may increase or decrease, based on your candidate rating by our client. Owlet A SourceOwls Recruiter that has between a 1-29% submission to approval ratio. Be careful if you fall into this category, accounts go into review under a 20% approval rate. Quality submissions are so important to our clients and your success in the platform.
  • Finding and Engaging on Jobs
    Finding Jobs to Recruit on: As a new SourceOwls recruiter, you first need to search for jobs to recruit on within the platform. On your dashboard page, you will notice a gray navigation bar. Select "Find Jobs" (Above). Next, search for job keywords using the Search Jobs function located on the right side of the page (Below). Once you find a job you would like to recruit for; you will need to ask for engagement. This is easily accomplished by clicking on "Request Engagement (Circled below). Next, you're asked to type a short reason why the Job Poster would want to accept your engagement. Do this carefully to accomplish the best results. Do not rush through the process. Give the Job Poster a strong reason for accepting your job engagement. Here is a sample of a good engagement request: Hello, When I reviewed this job today, it read similar to those positions that I have been most successful filling quickly. I have 15 years of experience in Semiconductor engineering recruitment with an extensive network of contacts. I'm confident that I will present you with highly qualified candidates quickly. Keep it short and focus on your accomplishments related to the industry and the job they are looking to fill. When done correctly, most of your engagement requests will be accepted. The average engagement request is reviewed within 24-48 hours. Important: Once you engage on a position, it's essential that you work on that position and submit candidates. Your SourceOwls reputation is negatively affected if you engage on jobs and do not submit candidates. Engagement Limits: We recommend only engaging on 1-2 jobs in the beginning. These jobs should be similar to jobs you have worked on and have successfully filled in the past. We monitor your engagement, and the system also has engagement limitations. You currently have five engagement requests available at no cost. To access additional features and benefits, consider upgrading your subscription by clicking on "Your Plan" located on the left side of the Dashboard. Should you wish to discontinue your involvement in any job, kindly utilize our live chat feature and request to disengage from the specific job. However, please be aware that we monitor the frequency of disengagements, and excessive disengagements may have an impact on your job performance score.
  • Analytics and Editing Profile
    Analytics and Editing Profile: Edit Profile: Click on your name located at the top right and then select edit profile. Make edits and save the page at the bottom. When editing your email address or phone number, you need to re-verify them. Analytics: Once logged in to your Dashboard, you can view your submission data at the top of the page. These numbers indicate your submission to approval ratios. If your submission ratio falls too low, it will affect your future payouts. Submitted Candidates: This is the total number of candidates you have submitted through the platform. Declined Candidates: This represents the number of declined candidates you submitted on the platform. When a candidate is submitted, they are either accepted or declined. Declined status means your approval ratio will decrease. Rejected Candidates: Rejected candidates are not listed in your analytics and do not affect your payouts. These are candidates that are approved, then rejected afterward by the Job Posters. Approved Candidates: These are the candidates reviewed and approved by the Job Posters. These candidates positively affect your approval ratio. Approval Rate: This is the ratio of approved candidates to declined candidates. You may have candidates that have not been approved or declined. These candidates will not show up in this ratio and will not affect your Owl status. Your status is: Your current SourceOwls status is displayed here. The system serves up your payouts that are associated with this status. When clients accept or decline your candidates, your payout amount goes up and down depending on your current status level.
  • Reviewing Open Positions Before Engaging
    Reviewing Open Positions Before Engaging We highly recommend thoroughly reviewing the open positions before asking for engagement. You only want to engage on jobs that you have experience filling. You positively affect your brand when you submit candidates to engaged jobs. However, your engagement to submission ratio goes down if you do not send candidates into engaged positions. Page Elements: Envelope: Clicking on the envelope will give you all the public notifications sent out by the Job Posters. You can not ask questions to a Job Poster if you are not actively engaged on that position. Job Title: You can click on the position title to view all the detailed information about the job. Company: If you would like to learn more about the company that posted the job, click on the company name. In certain situations, the company name may not be the company with the opening. Example: You will see many situations where HireResources is listed as the company. This is the parent company of SourceOwls and the only third party within the platform. View the job description or special terms section to learn more about the hiring company. Location: This is the location of the position. Open Since: The date the position was posted. SourceOwls Engaged: The current number of SourceOwls that are engaged on the position. We see that roles with 14-16 SourceOwls engagements are well covered. Lower engagement numbers are great opportunities for you to engage and send candidates quickly. SourceOwls Reward: The reward is the amount you will receive if you submit a candidate to the position and your candidate accepts the offer and reaches the guarantee terms. These numbers could change if your Owl status changes. The number is based on your current Owl status. Your final locked-in payout is displayed when you submit candidates. Number of Positions: One posting could have multiple openings to fill. If you are engaged on one of these roles, you have the opportunity to place many candidates in that position. The number of SourceOwls engaged in these positions could be higher if the Job Poster has many openings. One More Thing: Look for the red "Urgent Hire" stickers! This indicates the Job Poster is very motivated to hire.
  • Viewing Active Job Engagements
    Viewing Active Job Engagements All your approved active engagements are organized under the "Active Engagements" tab in the Dashboard. Important Note: Once you engage on a job and it's accepted it will no longer show up under "Find Jobs".
  • Submitting Candidates
    Submitting Candidates Once you are on the candidate submission page, you will see your current submission status at the top of the page. This is the status of your current submission. Submit Candidate to: Select and ensure you are submitting your candidate to the correct position. Select the jobs from the dropdown. Payout: This is the minimum amount you will receive if your candidate accepts the position and meets the guarantee period. Yes, in some situations, your payment can be increased. These situations are if a Job Poster runs a special promotion or increases the payout amount for the position. Upload Resume/Protect Yourself: Once you select upload resume be sure to block out your candidate's contact information. This is not a requirement, but it does offer additional protection to prevent the Job Poster from contacting your candidate without our knowledge. Salary Expectation: You are required to enter the candidate's salary expectation. Never ask a candidate about their salary history. This is prohibited in some areas. We recommend never asking a candidate what they are making now or in any of their past positions. You can ask the candidate, what they are looking for to accept an offer or make a move to a new company. The platform will only accept salary ranges within 35% maximum. Write-up: This text area is the section you have to sell your candidate's background. See below for some helpful tips on how to make your candidates stand out. Questions: These questions are set by the Job Posters for every job. Three questions are required, with a maximum of ten. You are required to answer these questions when submitting your candidates. To review these questions prior to submitting your candidate, simply click on the job title in the dashboard. The questions are located at the bottom of the job description. Lastly, agree to our terms and click send. You can not change, add, or modify the submission once you click "Send Resume". Important notice, this page will need to be completed within approximately 20 minutes. If you wait too long and the page times out, your data will be lost, and you will need to start from the beginning. Here are some great videos on submitting candidates: Submitting Candidates (1 of 4) Submitting Candidates - Protect Yourself (2 or 4) Doing a great candidate writ-up and answering the custom questions
  • SignalHire Explained
    What is SignalHire? SignalHire is an online sourcing tool that enables you to search for candidates, add them to groups, and retrieve their contact details, such as email and phone number. To use this function go to the SignalHire link on the left side of the dashboard. You can use this sourcing tool in a few different ways. First, use the search page, which is found on the right side of your SourceOwls dashboard. Use keywords, skills, job titles, etc., to identify specific candidates. The second is to use their chrome extension. Once it is downloaded to Chrome, you will notice an SN logo on the right side of the page when you search for candidates on LinkedIn. Click on it to reveal the person's email or phone number. SignalHire is an excellent alternative to using LinkedIn. It is used for passive candidate sourcing. They have millions of profiles to search, and their email and phone numbers are accurate. How do credits work? When signing up to SourceOwls, you receive ten monthly credits for free. These credits are used to retrieve emails or phone numbers within SignalHire. If ten credits are insufficient, you can upgrade to our premium subscriptions. Each credit is equal to one email address or phone number pull. Free Member = 10 SignalHire credits Elf Owl Standard Recruiter $39.00/mo = 20 SignalHire credits True Owl Advanced Recruiter $59.00/mo = 25 SignalHire credits Professional Recruiter$99.00/mo = 75 SignalHire credits
  • Candidate Pipeline Management Explained
    Candidate Pipeline Management Explained Once you submit a candidate for a job, the platform will track the candidate's progress through the interviewing process. In the example circled below, there is one candidate in the approved stage. If you had two candidates in one stage, it would read a number two. At a glance, you can easily view where your candidates are in the process. Submission Colors: Each pipeline circle is represented by a color. Submitted: Your candidate has been submitted to this role but not yet reviewed by the Job Poster. Approved: The Job Poster has reviewed the candidate and has approved the submission. This means the candidate is being reviewed and has met the minimum terms for the position. Interviewing: The Job Poster has scheduled or is scheduling an interview. You may receive notifications from the platform to assist the Job Poster in confirming interviewing times. Shortlisted: This means your candidate has made it to the final interview stage. Hired: The candidate has accepted the offer, and a starting date was given. Nice work!
  • Editing Your Profile, Make Your Profile Stand Out
    Editing Your Profile, Make Your Profile Stand Out To edit your profile, click on your name in the top right side of the Dashboard and select edit profile. You will be brought to the page below. Add LinkedIn URL: Make sure your LinkedIn URL is pointed correctly. This link is important because Job Posters may view it before accepting your job engagement request. Select the State You Recruit In: Select "All States" or select the individual states you cover if you are a national recruiter. Select Industries and Jobs: Only select the industries and job types you specialize in for the best results. Adding all industries and job types does not make your profile stand out. Job Posters seek recruiters with specific experience placing candidates within their industry or job type. For optimum results and engagement acceptance, select only the areas where you specialize. Your Profile: Next is your profile, one of the most critical areas for getting engagement requests approved. If this page is not done correctly, you will struggle to engage on the premium jobs in the platform. Done correctly, you can make your profile stand out. Here is a sample of a well-put-together profile. It includes a well-thought-out bio and a professional photo. Here is a Sample of a Great Profile: Having eighteen years of experience in recruiting top-tier talent for the world's most successful Biotechnology Companies, I bring strong sourcing and vetting experience to each search assignment I accept. Engaging with me will give you access to an extensive, diverse network of candidates within the Biotechnology space. Responsible for full-cycle recruiting support within the Biotechnology industry. Built relationships with hiring managers, candidates, and search firms. Responsible for candidate processing: scheduling, travel, arrangements, and onboarding. I'm a goal-driven, results-oriented leader with 18.5 years of demonstrated success implementing talent acquisition methodologies and strategies with specialization and technical recruiting. Adept at executing all recruitment strategies based most notably on the needs and culture of the client I'm serving.
  • Resetting your password guide
    Click here for the guide
  • Payment & Candidate Guarantees Overview
    Payment & Candidate Guarantees Overview Candidate Guarantee The standard guarantee on the platform is 45 days from the time your candidate starts working. This will be the candidate guarantee period on all jobs UNLESS it states otherwise in the special terms section of the job description. Please read this section carefully before asking for engagement on the job. Payment Overview Your payment is reflected in the dashboard. This is NOT split, the amount you see is the amount you will receive for a successful placement if your candidate meets the guarantee period and we are paid on the placement. (Specific terms are located in your signed agreement, located on the top right of the dashboard by clicking on your name, then agreement.) We issue checks once the guarantee is fulfilled and the client pays us for the placement. Both must happen for any payment to be due to you or issued. If you are in the United States, we will send you a physical check via US mail. We wire the fund to you if you are outside the United States. You will be responsible for completing an IRS-W9 form or International identification form in order for us to process payment(s). We require this form at the time of placement, NOT the application. You will receive a placement recap form and instructions once a hire has been processed in the platform. For wires, we require you to provide valid baking account information.
  • Instant Submits
    What are instant Submits? An Instant Submit is submitting your candidate to a position without asking for engagement first. The Instant submits function is only available to our paid subscribers. If you have a great candidate for a job and do not wish to risk asking for engagement, first, you can use an instant submit credit to send your candidate to a position instantly. It’s important to understand that if your engagement request on a job is declined, you will no longer see this job on your dashboard. Therefore if you have a candidate teed up already, we highly recommend using an instant submit. Free Member = Zero credits Elf Owl Standard Recruiter $39.00/mo = 1 credit a month True Owl Advanced Recruiter $59.00/mo = 2 credits per month Professional Recruiter$99.00/mo = 3 credits per month
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