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What is a SourceOwl

A recruiter looking to build a side income stream in their spare-time OR looking to source candidates for companies hassle free. 

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How it works

SourceOwls is a recruitment platform built for the busy recruiter who wishes to earn income in their spare time. The process is built around simplicity, there are three simple steps that our SourceOwls follow:


1) Source qualified candidates through your network and online resources 

2) Conducting one skills assessment phone interview and gather an up to date resume

3) Submit this information to the job poster for review


You will receive notifications each time the candidate status is changed. 

That's it - your job is done! 

Owl Types

We have three levels of SourceOwls: 


(Lowest Payout)

1-2 approvals for each

10 submissions 

Elf Owl

(Middle Payout & Starting point)

3-4 approvals for each

10 submissions 

True Owl

(Highest Payout)

5 plus approvals for each

10 submissions 



Use icons in the DG Approved file - try using some of the Universal - Animation Icons or ones from the other that are similar 

Try smaller boxes like the ones below. 

We are looking for a very clean look and feel. 

Also, we want to add in photos of people mixed into the site. 

I have some saved in the DG Approved file 



The SourceOwls dashboard organizes your submissions, displays analytics on you activity, submission and communication.

Your dashboard displays: 

  • All your candidates submission(s) 

  • Your approved, and declined candidates 

  • Communications with clients 

  • Notifications center for new jobs that are added

  • Image or emoji if profile is confidential 

  • Displays analytics on your activity, submissions and communications


Actionable Insights 

As a SourceOwl you will build your brand and reputation within the platform. Earn higher payouts for submitting quality candidates. It's simple, the more candidate submissions that are accepted, the higher your payout. 

Also, more active SourceOwls earn rewards.


Detailed Job Notifications 

If you are a recruiter working in a specific industry type, job function, and/or location you can set up detailed email/text jobs notifications.


This allows you to do your day job and get notified when a when a job available within your recruitment specialty. 


Industry & Geographical Coverage 

We cover almost every industry. You will find jobs in Manufacturing, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Healthcare, SaaS, Data, Accounting/Finance and many more.


If we don't have jobs in your specific function you can set up details notifications so when a job is added in your specialty you will be notified immediately. 

All our roles are in the United States currently but this will be expanded in the future. 

Submitting Candidates

Submitting your candidates is so easy. Each job will list a unique set of questions to ask your candidates. You are only responsible for one phone interview with each candidate. These are the questions you will ask them on the call.


That's it; you are done! SourceOwls will send you alerts each time the client updates the candidate's status. 



Each job listed in SourceOwls will contain the payout amount that you will receive for a successful placement. Depending on your SourceOwl type this amount will be adjusted. The better your submission to approval ratio the more you could earn. 

See our payout terms for more information.

Job Engagment

Once you have been approved and your profile is set up you will have access to view the jobs in Sourceowls. You will see information on the submission activity. Once you select a job to work on, you must ask for engagement from the client. Once accepted, you are able to submit candidates to this job. 

SourceOwls Profile

Each SourceOwl has a public profile. These profiles can be confidential or include your true information. Regardless they will display your specialized recruitment focus, activity, last login date, a paragraph about you and submission details. 

Clients Profile

Each client also has a profile within SourceOwls. You can view their information, number of active jobs, placements, and their response time to candidate submissions. 

Free Application & Membership 

The SourceOwl application and Membership is free of charge. Sign-up, submit candidates, build your reputation and earn a side income for no cost! 

We do require a minimum of five years recruiting/sourcing talent experience. 

Someone from our team may contact you if we have questions. 

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