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How it works
How it works


Our SourceOwls are elite industry recruiters that work on sourcing for your roles in off-hours. 

Post as many jobs for free on our site as you like for no charge. Our fee is due 45 days after the candidates start the role, if the candidate does not reach the 45th day nothing is due.


You review, engage, and select only the Sourceowls that align with your recruitment goals. Each SourceOwl has a profile page that lists valuable insights on their candidate submissions such as number of candidates submitted, candidates approved & declined, ranking, etc.. 

It's easy to post jobs and best of all, you name your own price for a successful hire.

Sign up now and start posting today.

SourceOwls is a candidate referral service that rewards elite recruiters for submitting great candidates to your open roles. It's a name your price model, you determine the amount you are willing to pay for a successful placement. You also have control of SourceOwl engagement, and can choose the SourceOwls you want working on the search or open it up to any SourceOwl. 


We rank each SourceOwls performance, activity level, and success, giving you data to engage with the leading SourceOwls within the system easily.  

Actionable Insights 

Client analytics on SourceOwls include: 

  • Industry specialties 

  • Location 

  • Activity data 

  • Total candidates submitted 

  • Number of candidate approvals and declines 

  • A short profile summary about them 


The client dashboard organizes candidate submissions, and displays analytics on your activity.

Your dashboard displays: 

  • Open Jobs and closed jobs 

  • Submitted candidates waiting for review 

  • Number of submissions to a job

  • Job status 

  • Candidate status (Approved or Declined) 

  • Hired candidates 

  • SourceOwls you have used in the past 

  • and more ... 

SourceOwls vs Job Postings 


  • A huge team of recruiters at your disposal

  • Industry experienced sourcers 

  • Passive recruiting = better quality candidates 

  • Candidates are vetted using YOUR questions

  • A real person does the interviewing  

  • Exclusive networks from SourceOwls

  • Build custom teams of SourceOwls that understand your company and industry 

  • Risk free, pay for results only 

  • Name your price model that you can adjust as the job becomes more urgent to fill

Executive Recruiting Company

  • Limited to companies recruiters

  • No ability to build teams of recruiters 

  • Ridged and more expensive pricing model 

Job postings

  • Anyone on the planet can apply 

  • More time sifting through unqualified resumes

  • Results are all actively looking candidates 

  • Cold application process 

  • Non exclusive candidates 

  • Pay for posting not results

Industry & Geographical Coverage 

Our SourceOwls reside throughout the world and recruit on roles in all 50 states. This combination offers our client companies a unique combination of recruiters that simply can't be matched by a job site or a hand full of recruitment firms alone. 

Reviewing Candidates 

Reviewing candidates in the SourceOwls portal is easy. We sort and stack all the candidates submissions for you. When you log into your dashboard, you will find it easy to understand and manage your candidates pipeline. 

Payment and Guarantee 

Our candidate guarantee is for 45 days of employment. If the candidate does not work out within 45 days you owe nothing. The fee amount you entered for the job placement is due 15 days later or net 60 days from starting date. You will receive a invoice for the placement 15 days after the candidate starts net 30 days. 

Details about these terms are located here.

Keyword Filter

This is an amazing filter, if the candidates resume, answers to your questions or the candidates write up do NOT include your keywords the candidate will be automatically declined. You can always view these candidates in your dashboard if you would like. This function can be engage or disengages at anytime. 

Jumpy candidate filter

At no additional cost, you can add this amazing filter to your job. Our technology will filter candidates based on the number of jobs they have held in the past five years. If they held more than three we will automatically mark them unqualified. You can always view these candidates in your dashboard if you would like.  This function can be engage or disengaged at anytime. 

Urgent hire alerts 

Urgent Job alerts are powerful notifications that are displayed when the SourceOwls view jobs to work on in the portal. We also sponsor these jobs with push notifications to the SourceOwls. These jobs are seen by the Sourceowls as urgent. The engagement and submission levels are greater with Urgent Hire Alerts. 

No cost to post jobs 

There is no cost to post your jobs on our site. When you post a role you do agree if we send you a candidate that gets hired within 8 months of the submission date that you will pay the amount you enter when adding the job to the portal. The minimum payout per placement is currently 10% of the candidates expected salary. 

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