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Our SourceOwls will be interviewing and conducting a full interview with each candidate they submit. When reviewing candidates you will have two options: 


1) Approve Candidate 

2) Decline Candidate 

Our SurceOwls are real people so please be considerate when making your selections. We track the SourceOwls performance and by each selection their payouts and metric will change. We reward quality and pay more to those SourceOwls that submit better quality resumes to our customers. If you should have any issues with a SourcesOwl please contact us immediately. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction

We highly recommend using our custom questions when posting new roles. This is a free upgrade currently so take advantage of this valuable function when posting your jobs. 

Selecting a payout rate. The more the success fee is the more response you will receive from our SourceOwls. We recommend a range of 15-20% of the candidates salary to get the best results. Lower success fees will not receive as many candidate submissions. 

Thank you and we hope you have a great experience with SourcesOwls 

You will be asked for a fee each time you post a new job. The fee should be within 15-20% of the candidate starting base salary. The system will allow you to increase your fee at anytime. You can not lower the payout fee for a placement. By adding new roles you agree to pay this amount to Sourceowls upon the candidate hitting 45 calendar days with your company. Once this is achieved we will send you an email to approve the placement. If the candidate should leave or be terminated during the 45 day trial period no invoice will be issued to your company for the placement.  If you do not reply to our placement confirmation request email within 72 hours an invoice will be due for the placement regardless of the candidates standing with your company. 


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