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Mark Gurbuxani

Manager of Sales & Client Success


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One on one demo

About SourceOwls

Let's schedule a demo of SourceOwls. I will show you how to build specialized recruiting teams to drive highly targeted candidates quickly and cost-effectively. 


We Reduce Recruiting Budgets! 

We instantly reduce your recruiting budget vs. a typical recruitment firm.


How did you ask? 

First, it's free to post your jobs on the platform. You name your price when posting by adding a flat fee amount, NOT a percentage of the salary for each job. You only pay if we fill the role and the candidate reaches the guaranteed period. 


We give you more control to offer higher amounts for your most difficult positions and a lower amount for others.


Second, you pay the same amount when you receive a great candidate and are required to offer them a salary at or above the high of your range. Think about the cost savings compared to the firms you are using today. 

One Vendor Agreement & Thousands of Recruiters

Executing an agreement with SourceOwls is like getting thousands of agreements approved by your legal or management. How frustrating is it to jump through hoops to bring on a new recruiting firm only to find out that they don't perform and have to start the process over again? 

With SourceOwls you eliminate that process altogether. One agreement and you control the fee amounts, and you have thousands of recruiters to fill your urgent openings. If you are unhappy with your recruiters, do not worry; we have your back. 

We add about 15-20 new recruiters to our recruiter community every day! 

Vetted Recruiters

Our recruiters must have a minimum of five verified years of recruitment experience. We also closely monitor their activity to ensure you receive equity candidate submissions. In fact, if the recruiters submit great candidates, we reward them with a built-in bonus program. If they submit candidates at or above a 50% approval ratio, they are considered our elite team, and we call the our TruOwls. Yes, you can see these analyses too. 

What makes SourceOwls unique?  


The SourceOwls platform is a structured marketplace for professional recruiters, providing top tear jobs within their industry focus. We capture critical data points from the companies we work with and the SourceOwls recruiters that engage those job openings. We systematically match these two parties to provide our client companies with an ideal recruiting environment. You will quickly develop teams of SourceOwls, recruiters that can tackle your organization's most challenging recruiting assignments.  


We are obsessed with quality candidate submissions:  


For each job you enter, you are asked to create three to ten custom questions that relate to each job posted. These questions will ensure that your SourceOwls team of recruiters assesses the most important questions during their interviewing and vetting process. This process will significantly improve the quality of candidates submitted to your jobs.  


To further assess candidate quality, our SourceOwls earn larger payouts for qualifying candidates better. The more candidate approvals they receive, they are rewarded with higher payouts. We plan to make even more significant investments to ensure we provide you with the very best candidates available in the market.  


The system is very user-friendly with candidate pipeline management functions. SourceOwls recruiters and candidates get notified automatically to keep everyone informed in the interview process. 


There is no cost or commitment unless you hire a candidate from the SourceOwls marketplace. Name your-price model that offers you the ability to increase the fee amount at any time should the priority level increase.  

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