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Candidate Interview debrief (Video)


Mar 17, 2023

This is an older video but the content is still so relevant.
Simple steps to follow on a debrief call. :-)

This is an older video but has some VERY valuable information!

Questions to ask on the debrief (Video Outline):

· How did the interview go? Listen to the response, how they say it.

· What happened in the interview from the time you showed up, until the time you left?

· Who did you meet?

· What did they tell you about the company?

· What did they tell you about the position?

· Did you learn anything different about the company or position than what I told you?

· Do you think you can do the job?

· What do you think their impression was of you? Why?

· Do you think they have any concerns about you?

· Did they talk about any specific outcomes?

· Was money discussed? Yes, who brought it up.

· What do you want to do? Is this something you want to move forward with?

· What did you like best about the opportunity?

· Can you see yourself starting with them in the next few weeks?

· Has anything changed since we spoke last?

· When would be a good starting date for you? Get a date, if they don't give you a date they may not be sold yet. Dig in more on the reasons why?

Make sure you take detailed notes and add them into your ATS.

This information will be used to prep the next candidate better!!

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