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Candidate Interview recap questions


The intent of these questions is to gather additional information about the questions and process of the hiring manager, so you can better prep the next candidate that interviews.

Print this out so you have it in front of you while debreifing your candidates!

Candidate Interview Recap

The intent of these questions is to gather additional information about the questions and process of the hiring manager, so you can better prep the next candidate that interviews.

  • How long did the interview last?

  • I know you were slated to meet with (hiring manager or individuals) – Who else did you meet with? Was there anyone you met with that we didn’t plan for? Talk to me about that person and that conversation. What were your impressions of each of them?

  • Walk me through your interview – and since I haven’t had a chance yet to step foot in their office, tell me about getting there and in the door – from the beginning!

  • What kinds of questions were asked?

  • Was there anything that caught you off-guard?

  • Which of the questions that we discussed prior to your interview were asked?

  • I know that to me, (hiring manager) has a (great personality) when we are on the phone – what was he like face to face? How was the tone of the meeting?

  • What most impressed you about the hiring manager?

  • What most impressed you about the opportunity?

  • I know when we first spoke, (hot buttons) were the things that were most important for you to consider when making a move. How does this opportunity compare in each of those areas?

  • How well can you see yourself fitting into the team? What is most compelling about being able to work alongside (boss/manager)?

  • What does this allow you to do, that you currently don’t have the opportunity to do?

  • Do you have any concerns about what you saw or heard?

  • How was the commute or location?

  • What other areas do you still need more information?

  • Are there some subjects or questions that could use some clarification or expansion?

Ego Check

  • Did they give you any indication of how you compared with other candidates they were considering?

  • Did they express their interest in you? Did they mention a next step?

  • Were there any areas of the interview that you felt you could have covered better, or any subjects that you don’t feel you were able to convey your skills and abilities in sufficient detail?

  • Are there any important capabilities or experiences that you have that you, in hindsight, think are important areas that should be covered with the client?

  • Do you think they have any concerns? In other words, no fit is ever 100% perfect – what possible hesitations do you think the hiring manager may have?

  • Are there any hesitations that you may have?

  • In your opinion, and so I can reiterate with the client when I speak with him/her, think about what you now know they are looking for in their next hire. Why do you think you are the best one for the role?


  • Although you advised both parties to stay away from this subject, you can still ask did money come up? What, if anything, was covered as it pertained to compensation?

Next Steps

  • Are you reviewing or interviewing with any other companies currently? Have any surfaced since we last spoke? What opportunities or conversations have appeared?

  • How did you end the interview – how did they leave it with you in terms of next steps? What was the time frame?

  • Besides compensation, what else is important to you in this decision that we haven’t yet talked about?

  • What else is going on personally or professionally that will possibly present a problem during the next month that may impact additional interview scheduling?

  • Who else do you feel needs to get involved with this decision? Spouse?

  • If the company called me up and said, “we want to hire you”, what questions need to be answered for you to say “yes”?

  • If this process goes well, and you are offered the role, when could you start?

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