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Prep the candidate second, say what?


Mar 31, 2023

That is precisely why we schedule (if possible) the best candidate LAST!

Prep the candidate second, say what?

That's correct, you prep candidates based on the information you gathered from the debrief. In essence the first candidate you send to a client will be the least prepared.

That is precisely why we schedule (if possible) the best candidate LAST!

The best candidate should be the one we pack with the most knowledge. They should understand all the questions, people, interview protocol, etc. needed to win the job.

We want to give this candidate the largest competitive advantage of all the candidates we send. This does not mean they will get the jobs but this is the candidate that we "think" fits their needs most.

Some things we want to prep candidates on are:

  • First, send ALL candidates a link to our HireResources candidate preparation page (Click here)

  • Make sure they have a copy of the job description

  • Send them a link to the website and any recent positive news you can find online

  • Any articles on the company about their growth or products that would be viewed favorably

  • If an onsite interview, make sure to send them directions

  • Go over what the client is looking for in the role and any knock out factors

  • Of course give them the DATA FROM ALL YOUR DEBRIEFING meetings with other candidates!

  • The prep call is the most important meeting with your candidate, it shows them you care and separates you from the other recruiters that really don't give two hoots

  • Important, make sure the candidate writes a well-crafted thank you letter to each person they meet. Use information on our website to assist your candidate (Click here)

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