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Joann Anyone 

Monroe, CT 

Confident Businesswoman

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Marketing Manager

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Systems Engineer



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About me:

My career function includes partnering with senior-level technology professionals to introduce them to opportunities. Also, I pride myself in being able to draw from my experience by bringing best-practices to the candidates with whom I work. This allows me to act as a trusted advisor to my network in the pursuit of career growth and achievement.

Professional Specialties: Technology Recruitment, Business Development, Recruitment Programs, Permanent Placement, Staff Augmentation/Temporary Hire, Phone-Based Sales/Recruitment, Direct In-Home Product Sales, Cold-Calling, Resume Building, Interview Preparation, Hiring & Firing, MS Office Suite, Enterprise Technology (SAP/Oracle/PeopleSoft/Salesforce/JD Edwards/MS Dynamics/SaaS/PaaS), Applicant Generation, Interviewing.

Above are just some of the responsibilities undertaken during my career. Should you wish to discuss greater detail, please contact me via e-mail or LinkedIn. My e-mail address is as follows:

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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