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Approved status should be the same, our current notifications will be sent out 


Current Status

Did you already schedule an interview with the candidate? 



Great, please add the date and time below


Would you like us to


Okay, great.  please make sure you update the candidate status after the interview, thank you! 


Okay great, we will reach out to the candidate and SourceOwls recruiter. We will provide you with thee dates and times shortly. 

Who conducting the interview?


**** Can we schedule using Calendly?
This would be huge as most corporate managers use it for scheduling 

What are some good times for you to schedule the interview?


Okay, what was the outcome of the interview? 



What type of interview will you be scheduling? 

After selection message: 
Please make sure you update the candidate status so we can update the SourceOwls recruiter. Thank you!


Who will be conducting the interview?

Schedule another interview

This is a new to the dropdown
The candidate will stay in interviewing status 
It will perform the scheduled interview task as the main interviewing selection. 
The SourceOwls Recruiter will get a notification to schedule the interview 



Current Status

How many other candidates are still in the interview process? 

Would you like us to assist you in scheduling a final interview? 

Yes - go through schedule interview process:

No - Message: Okay, great! Please make sure to update the candidate status after the interview. 


SourceOwls Recruiter candidate rejection reason. (Sent to the SourceOwls Recruiter) 

Enter a brief statement about what the SourceOwls recruiter can do to improve their screening on the next candidate (Constructive information) 

Template 1 Template2 Template 3 Custom

Text box with formatting functions 
Or you can use our or you own custom template


Both these messages will be sent via email to the SourceOwls Recruiter

Please provide some information to the candidate on why you have rejected them. (This information is shared with the candidate) 

Add any additional information you would like to share with the candidate:

Template 1 Template2 Template 3 Custom

Text box with formatting functions 
Or you can use our or you own custom template


Both these messages will be sent via email to the Candidate


Congratulations on the new hire. We need a little bit of information from your to finalize the process. 

Your information (Job Poster) 

Your Name: (System Entry)

Company: (System Entry)

Title: (System Entry)

Email: (System Entry)

Direct phone: (System Entry)

Please confirm this is the person your are hiring: 

Candidate Name: (System Entry)

Candidate Address: (System Entry)

Today's date: (System Entry)

Your SourceOwls Recruiter: (System Generated)

Next please select the starting date of the candidate

If the starting date should be changed you can come back here and modify it..

****** We need to save this data and provide a way for the Job Poster to edit this info if needed Next please select the starting date of the candidate - we may want to send an email to the candidate to confirm the starting date too. This would be good as we grow to ensure the date is accurate. 

Please rank your your SourceOwls recruiter, 5 is the best

Your comments on working with this SourceOwls recruiter?
These are displayed on their public profile. 

Would you recommend SourceOwls to others? 

Please provide any information that would make the platform better. Thank you!

Billing Information:

Accounts payable contact person: ____________________

Accounts payable email:

Where will this hire be working? 

****** We need to store this data under the client so we have it on record and it needs to retrieved in Amin under the client. 

If they select office or both remote and office we ask them for the address where they will be working.

Billing Notes or additional information we need to process the invoice. 

Open text field to include formatting functions 

Meeting notes: 5/6/2022


1. Candidate Review Page: Design changes []

  • The selected candidate needs to be highlighted in grey (same as the background of the page)

  • The candidate list automatically scrolls up as you traverse through the list

  • Interviewing status pop-up: 
    Add a calendar to choose the date & time of the interview
    Add a drop-down to select the type of interview 
    Add checkbox: ✅ Do you want to send a calendar invite? 
    Checking the box sends an email to the candidate with a .ics file which would allow them to add the scheduled interview to their calendar
    Editable email template that will be sent to the candidate along with the .ics file

  • Editable email templates for all statuses: Rejected, Hired, Shortlisted, etc. 
    The edited versions will be saved as 'custom templates'
    The templates will have the variable name. For eg: [Candidate Name], [SourceOwls First Name] depending on the recipient.

  • Resume sharing over email -
    Question: do they get to share the resume preview as well as the full resume? Or only one?

    We'll have a wireframe ready for you by the end of this weekend. 😊

2. Update on the QA website:

QA is now being refreshed (website as well as the data) every Wednesday and Saturday.

All emails from QA need to go to a new email – I'll be sending the email credentials shortly

3. 48-hour email scheduler – needs to be sent at 8 AM EST

4. Job description modal pop up on all 3 dashboards –  needs to be optimized

5. Drop-down stylesheets need to be updated – bigger and bolder

6. System timings – all need to be displayed in EST.


Please let me know if I missed anything. 

Thank you – have a great weekend! 😊

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