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Recruiter Cheat-Sheet

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Debriefing Candidates 

Posting Your Job

Interviewing Candidates 

Offer negotiations

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Submitting Candidates 

Preping Candidates

RE - Candidate Sourcing
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Handy Tools and Tricks

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Prep the candidate second, say what?

That's correct, you prepare candidates based on insights gathered during the debrief. The initial candidate sent to the client tends to be the least prepared.

This is precisely why, whenever possible, we schedule the best candidate to go last! The top candidate should be equipped with the most comprehensive knowledge – understanding all relevant questions, individuals, interview protocol, and more to secure the job.


Our aim is to provide this candidate with a significant competitive advantage among those we submit. While it doesn't guarantee the job, we believe this candidate aligns best with the client's needs.

Key areas for candidate preparation include:

1. Share this candidate preparation page with all candidates (Click here)
2. Ensure they have a copy of the job description.
3. Send them a link to the company website and any recent positive news available online.
4. Share articles on the company's growth or favorable products.
5. For onsite interviews, provide clear directions.
6. Review the client's expectations for the role and any decisive factors.
7. Share insights from all debriefing meetings with other candidates.

The preparation call holds immense significance, showcasing your commitment and setting us apart from recruiters who may not invest as much. Lastly, emphasize the importance of the candidate writing a well-crafted thank-you letter to each person they meet, using information from our website to enhance their communication.


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SO - Posting Your Jobs
SO - Detailed Search Guidance
SO - Guidance Grid
SO - Adding Fee and Urgent Sticker
SO - Managing Client Expectation
SO - Managin Recrutes Qestins
SO - Weekly Updates to Recruiters
SO - Reviewin Resumes timly
SO - Keeping the platform Updated
SO - Moving Caddtes Through process
SO - Canddte selection and Offer neg
SO - Cadidate Onboarding / Follow up
SO - Writing Job descriptions
SO - Intake calls
SO - Editing a Job
SO - Custom Questions
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