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Elevate your earnings

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TrueOwl Elite Recruiter Benefits: 

Boosted Payout 

  • As a Boosted SourceOwl subscriber, you enjoy an extra 10% payout added to your standard payouts when you make a placement on the platform. Whether you make a placement for an Estimated or Flat payout job type, this boosted fee is applied in addition to the regular amount. This bonus enhances your overall earnings as an actively subscribed member. Terms and conditions apply.

Boosted 10%

15 Job Engagements 

  • As part of your SourceOwls experience, you have the opportunity to engage with up to 15 active jobs simultaneously. It's important to note that SourceOwls has implemented limitations on the number of jobs each user profile can actively handle at any given time.

  • Prior to initiating any sourcing or recruiting activities for a specific job, we strongly encourage you to request engagement on that job. By taking this step, you become an integral part of the recruiting team associated with the job, granting you access to direct communication channels with the job poster. This engagement facilitates effective collaboration and ensures that you stay informed of any essential job updates or notifications that the job poster wishes to share with the recruiting team.

  • Remember, seeking engagement on a job is the key to unlocking the full potential of your recruitment efforts within the SourceOwls platform.

15 job engagments

3 Job posting - Zip Recruiter Credits

  • ZipRecruiter job ads are a powerful addition to your overall recruiting plan and should be a part of your overall recruitment strategy. These job ads are not restrictive to only SourceOwls jobs, and you can use them for any jobs regardless of if they are on the platform, as long as they meet ZipRecruiter posting terms.

  • Important: In the event that you need assistance with anything related to ZipRecruiter, place contact us at Do not contact ZipRecruiter as they will be unable to assist you given this is a corporate master account.

  • You have the ability to cancel a posting at any time and then re-use a slot for posting an alternate role.

  • Do not post more than 3 jobs at any one time. Doing this will violate your subscription terms and may lead to cancellation of your ZipRecruiter account.

100 SignalHire Credits 

•    You can do unlimited candidate profile searches and set up multiple job projects in SignalHire (very similar to LinkedIn). When you identify candidates that meet your criteria, you can use one of your credits to reveal the cell phone or email address.
•    Value: SignalHire is a very powerful advanced search platform that has the ability to deliver, in many cases, a larger and deeper pool of candidates from your search criteria than even LinkedIn. We provide the platform to you for free. You only pay for the additional credits for contact data as part of your subscription.
•    Please note that credits do not roll over, so be sure to use them up during the course of each month before your subscription renews.

6/mo Instant Submittal Credits 

  • The 6/month instant submittal credits are specifically designed for situations where you already have a suitable candidate for a specified position on the platform. These credits enable you to submit a candidate without the risk of rejection in a search project. It's crucial to note that once an engagement request is rejected, you lose the ability to submit a candidate to that job.

  • Important Reminder: While instant submission credits offer a convenient option, we strongly advise against using them as a substitute for seeking engagement on a job. Jobs on the platform may transition to a private status or be removed from the active jobs board without prior notice. Additionally, without active engagement on the job, you won't have the capability to receive crucial and time-sensitive job updates.

Instant Submit Credits
Zip Recruiter

Manatal ATS Professional Plan License

SourceOwls, LLC has partnered with Manatal, one of the world's leading Applicant Tracking Software platforms. Your subscription includes access to Manatal's comprehensive features on a month-to-month basis. 


Click Here to explore their site in more detail 


Please allow us up to three business days to coordinate with Manatal for the setup of your ATS and user access.

Manetal ATS


SocialTalent is an online platform focused on providing innovative solutions for recruiting and talent acquisition. It offers various tools and resources to help recruiters enhance their skills, stay updated on industry trends, and optimize the hiring process. The platform covers a range of topics, including sourcing strategies, candidate engagement, and the latest advancements in the field of recruitment. 


Click Here to explore their site in more detail 

Here are some sample videos: 

Platform Overview

How to Find Top Talent on LinkedIn (with Boolean) | LinkedIn Recruiting


ProVerified Recruiter:

Elevate your recruiting status with SourceOwls as a ProVerified recruiter, a distinguished designation reserved for recruiters who meet specific criteria.

Benefits of ProVerified Recruiter status include:

  • Premium placement on the engagement request search page, enhancing your visibility and increasing job engagement requests.

  • Display of the prestigious ProVerified Badge on your recruiter profile.

  • ProVerified Recruiters enjoy increased engagement requests from our dedicated Account Managers.

  • Gain the competitive edge as a ProVerified Recruiter with SourceOwls.


Business Email Address:

Having a business email address when recruiting offers several advantages that contribute to a more professional and effective communication process:

Credibility and Professionalism:

A business email address enhances your credibility, showing that you represent a legitimate organization, such as SourceOwls, LLC.


It conveys a professional image to both clients and candidates, fostering trust in your interactions.

Branding and Recognition:

Using a business email reinforces your company's brand every time you correspond. This consistency helps in building brand recognition among your contacts.


Security and Data Protection:
Business emails come with enhanced security features, protecting sensitive information shared during recruitment processes.
It reduces the risk of phishing and other cyber threats associated with personal email accounts.


Organization and Structure:
A business email address provides a structured and organized approach to communication. It separates work-related emails from personal correspondence, helping you manage your workflow more efficiently.


Recruitment Platform Integration:
Some recruitment platforms and tools may require a business email for registration and integration. Having a dedicated business email ensures smooth collaboration with such platforms.


Consistent Communication:
A business email address helps in maintaining a consistent communication channel. This is crucial for professional relationships and ensures that your correspondence is easily traceable.


Professional Networking:
When reaching out to potential clients, candidates, or collaborators, a business email address contributes to a positive first impression, increasing the likelihood of successful networking.

Remember, utilizing a business email address aligns with the professional tone you aim to set in your recruiting activities with SourceOwls, LLC. If you have any specific requirements or preferences regarding your business email, feel free to let us know.


Business Enail

LinkedIn 15% Discount:

LinkedIn Recruiter is a powerful tool for recruiting, offering a comprehensive platform that enables recruiters to find and connect with potential candidates. Its key features include advanced search filters, messaging capabilities, and insights into candidate profiles. Here's why it's valuable, especially with a 15% discount:

Extensive Network:

LinkedIn has a vast professional network, allowing recruiters to access a large pool of potential candidates.


Targeted Search:

With advanced search filters, recruiters can pinpoint candidates with specific skills, experiences, and qualifications, streamlining the recruitment process.


Direct Communication:

The messaging feature facilitates direct communication with candidates, fostering a more personalized and efficient recruitment process.


Market Insights:

LinkedIn provides valuable insights into market trends, helping recruiters stay informed about industry developments and adjust their strategies accordingly.


As for the 15% discount, it adds significant value to your subscription, potentially reducing costs and enhancing the overall return on investment. However, it's essential to be aware of any restrictions imposed by LinkedIn, and for specific inquiries, contacting their support representative or Emily Hesidence, the LinkedIn Account Executive, is recommended.


To apply for the discount, you can follow this [LINK

Conditions Apply

For further assistance or inquiries, you can reach out to Emily Hesidence directly at 212-592-0218 or via email at


Elite Recruiter Facebook Group:

This group is a private group reserved for our Elite Recruiter subscribers. It is meant to be an active resource for you in your recruiting business.

Please go to and request access. We will approve you into the group.

You are welcome to post recruiting related questions where you might need assistance. Our moderators are there to assist you in improving your results.

Elite Recruiter FB

       Boosted Payout terms/conditions:

  • A credit card transaction must be successfully processed in accordance with the standing protocols for a Pro Verified Recruiter. This processing must occur before the formal submission of a candidate on the SourceOwls platform. If it occurs afterward, you will not be paid the Boosted percentage amount for the candidate submission. 

  • Furthermore, the said credit card transaction must continue, without interruption, to be processed successfully, extending through the candidate guarantee fulfillment date stipulated by SourceOwls LLC within the job description. Only under these circumstances shall SourceOwls LLC be obligated to remit the boosted payment.

  • In the event that the subscription payment is not successfully processed during this established timeframe for any reason, including but not limited to the credit card's expiration, the inability to process the credit card, downgrading of services, or any other reason, SourceOwls LLC shall not be obligated to execute the boosted payment amount.

  • SourceOwls is obligated to pay the boosted amount if there is no interruption in the subscription payments from you or the processing of such payments.

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