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Verified Recruiter Benefits

Enhanced Earnings for Verified Recruiters

Unlock greater earning potential by becoming a verified recruiter. Meeting our verification requirements entitles you to an extra 10-15% on your posted fee. This means more earning power and more money in your pocket when you join the ranks of our verified recruiters.




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Monthly Virtual Roundtable Gatherings

Participate in our monthly Virtual Verified Recruiter Meetings. Engage with fellow recruiters on the platform and gain insights into their successful strategies and approaches for managing search assignments.

Recruiting Training 

Access SocialTalent Training to continuously expand your skills and knowledge as a recruiter. Elevate your success and increase your placements.






75 SignalHire email/phone credits per month to recruit more candidates. Find and contact leading talent with SignalHire




Private and Exclusive Search Assignments 

From time to time, we handle confidential, exclusive, or limited engagement search projects. For these specialized assignments, we rely on our elite Verified Recruiters to assist clients. By joining this elite team, you'll have the opportunity to participate in these unique projects.

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Business Email Address: 

As part of your recruiting package, you'll have a business email address, offering up to four aliases for your various recruiting projects. Alongside this, you'll receive login credentials to access this email account.

(Please note that certain conditions and usage restrictions apply.)


Verified Recruiter


What you get:


  • All the benefits of our lower plans, plus 

  • 7% more on posted placement Amount

  • 50% discount off socialtalent

  • A SourceOwls  Business email address

  • 2 Instant Submissions a month

  • 15 Active jobs 

Verified Recruiter Elite


    What you get:


  • All the benefits of our lower plans, plus 

  • 15% more on the posted placement amount

  • Preferred client status

  • Socialtalent included

  • 3 Instant Submission a month 

  • 20 active Jobs  

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Verified Recruiter 

Custom Pricing 

What you get:


  • Everything in the Verified Recruiter Elite 

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Requirements for Verified Recruiters:

To qualify as a Verified Recruiter and enjoy the associated benefits, you must meet the following criteria:

1) Minimum Submissions: You should have submitted a minimum of six candidates on the platform and maintain an active TrueOwls status.

2) TrueOwls Status Maintenance: To receive the 7-15% bonus for Verified Recruiters, you must consistently maintain TrueOwls status. If your status drops to ElfOwl, you have the option to either make four submissions or reinstate TrueOwls status within 60 days from the last submission. Failure to reinstate TrueOwls status will result in a 15% bonus on ElfOwl status, based on the posted fee amount on your dashboard.

3) Phone Interview: You may be required to participate in a phone interview with a SourceOwls representative to qualify for the Verified Recruiter program.

4) Advance Payment: A six-month advance payment is mandatory. We offer a 10% discount for two six-month payments made in advance.

5) Verification Process: SourceOwls, LLC requires the following elements before granting Verified


   A) Photo ID (Drivers Licence, State ID, County ID, or other government-issued ID)
   B) Completion of a questionnaire (FORM)
   C) Thorough review of your SourceOwls performance history
   D) Business references may be requested at our discretion


These requirements are in place to ensure that our Verified Recruiters meet the highest standards of professionalism and performance on the platform. We rever the right to revoke or cancel your verified status at any time. 

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