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Candidate Preparation Guidelines

Ensuring your candidate is well-prepared for the interview is a crucial step in the recruitment process. Failing to do so can significantly reduce the candidate's chances of securing the job and, subsequently, your likelihood of making a successful placement. Please click below to access essential information on the fundamentals of conducting an effective candidate preparation call.

Candidate Interview Debrief Questions - Unlocking the Client's Interview Process

In the realm of recruitment, it is of paramount importance that we pose the right questions during a candidate debriefing call. This strategic step is instrumental in comprehending the intricacies of the hiring company's process. When executed effectively, it unveils the keys to identifying precisely what to seek and how to adeptly prepare our next candidate.


In the world of recruitment, we must remain cognizant that not all candidates will traverse the entire interview process. It is through the art of asking pertinent questions and diligently scrutinizing each candidate's interview experience that we gain profound insights into the client's authentic interviewing procedure. This knowledge, in turn, empowers us to meticulously equip our next candidate for success.

At the heart of our endeavor lies the art of questioning - an art that not only elucidates the client's interviewing modus operandi but also serves as the compass guiding us toward exceptional candidate preparation.

Preparing Candidates Like a Pro!

Understanding the Strategy Behind Sending Multiple Candidates and Second Candidate Preparation

When it comes to submitting multiple candidates for a position and prepping them effectively, there's a strategic approach that can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Here's why we send multiple candidates and why prepping the best ones second is key:

Interviewing Candidates

Finding the right candidate who aligns with your job description is a significant effort. Often, when we speak with candidates, our inclination is to discover why they are the perfect match. However, this approach can lead to numerous pitfalls. As a recruiter, it's essential to interview candidates with the perspective of why they might NOT be a match for your client.

Identifying issues and red flags upfront can save both you and your client a substantial amount of time. Furthermore, your name and reputation are on the line when you decide to submit a candidate. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly vet your candidates during the interview process.

Here is a useful reference guide that you can utilize to ensure you consistently conduct thorough candidate interviews.

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Requirements for Verified Recruiters:

To qualify as a Verified Recruiter and enjoy the associated benefits, you must meet the following criteria:

1) Minimum Submissions: You should have submitted a minimum of six candidates on the platform and maintain an active TrueOwls status.

2) TrueOwls Status Maintenance: To receive the 7-15% bonus for Verified Recruiters, you must consistently maintain TrueOwls status. If your status drops to ElfOwl, you have the option to either make four submissions or reinstate TrueOwls status within 60 days from the last submission. Failure to reinstate TrueOwls status will result in a 15% bonus on ElfOwl status, based on the posted fee amount on your dashboard.

3) Phone Interview: You may be required to participate in a phone interview with a SourceOwls representative to qualify for the Verified Recruiter program.

4) Advance Payment: A six-month advance payment is mandatory. We offer a 10% discount for two six-month payments made in advance.

5) Verification Process: SourceOwls, LLC requires the following elements before granting Verified


   A) Photo ID (Drivers Licence, State ID, County ID, or other government-issued ID)
   B) Completion of a questionnaire (FORM)
   C) Thorough review of your SourceOwls performance history
   D) Business references may be requested at our discretion


These requirements are in place to ensure that our Verified Recruiters meet the highest standards of professionalism and performance on the platform. We rever the right to revoke or cancel your verified status at any time. 

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