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Hiring Essentials:


What you get:


  • 1-2  Active Job Postings 

  • Preferred client Status

Hiring plus:


What you get:


  • 3-6 Active Job Postings  

  • Preferred client status

  • 2 active urgent job postings

Hiring Pro:


What you get:


  • 6 -10 Active Job Postings  

  • Preferred client Status

  • 3 active urgent job postings

High Impact Hiring:

11 Plus Active Jobs

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SourceOwlss Managed Services gives you the power to tap into our growing recruiting ecosystem while saving you the time-consuming functions of posting and managing your jobs on the platform. Your dedicated Account Manager will review each job with you and determine the ideal flat rate fee to post to the recruiting community. Maximize results and minimize your budget. They will build specialized recruiting teams to fill your jobs quickly.


Your dedicated Account Manager will assist in formatting your postings, reviewing job descriptions, and enhancing your postings with Logos, videos, and artwork. Ensure each job you post fully represents your company's brand and provides the critical information recruiters require.


Also, they will work with you to formulate the critical interviewing questions that our recruiters need to answer when submitting candidates. We will conduct intake calls with you and the hiring managers, post them on the platform, respond to recruiter questions, etc.

Let us do the heavy lifting. 

Organizations of all sizes have benefitted from SourceOwls recruiters: 
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